So finally boxer section ..... Why boxer?
I wrote a really long articles on why we have at home an amazing boxer creation. Still, I somehow did not seem ...
So in the end I realized that it's probably best to write it as simple as possible. One, it's been a long time since we were at a dog show in Litomerice. We saw a lot of beautiful dogs and then we saw boxers. Perhaps it was love at first sight! Since then, it has been our dream.
Really it took many years before we met. One day, as we would need the whole family to find a new purpose in life. And suddenly there was our love, our life a new meaning! Deliska. She turned our life upside down, and brought him into everything what we lacked and what we needed.
So I can only say that for us, the heart boxer, boxer love, boxer mimicry, fabrications and really crap panacea that would quite responsibly recommended to everyone. For me, one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me! I agree with everything it was written - is a super boxer, it is the diagnosis and once a boxer, boxer forever!
When you come home and you come running to jiggling croissant with wide eyes, incredibly happy to see you, what more can you ask for? It can only help, but also be incredibly happy.
And we would like to thank Delisa consider that we have her, and together with it thanks to our little girls and Darcyn and Elly for their incredible kindness and patience with this unexpected, somewhat flaky partner!